Champagne Fun Festival
September 16, 2017
4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Esplanade Park, Ft Lauderdale
400 SW 2nd St, Florida 33312 

7pm to 9pm



4pm to 9pm

4pm to 6pm

DJ Adam Lipson
warming up the

Fashion Show will be held by Three prestigious fashion designers 

6pm to 6:45pm

DJ irie Kicking Off
the Champagne

1.  What are the Ticket Prices for the Event?
$35.00 for General Admission and $150.00 for VIP.

2.  Do you sell any tables?
Yes.  VIP Tables for the event cost $2,500.00 and Ultra-VIP Tables cost $5,000.00.  Please refer to VIP/Ultra-VIP TABLES for more information including the benefits for each level. 

3.  What other tables are included?
Please refer to the
“Tickets Info” page for more details.

4.  On the day of your event, I am celebrating my birthday.  Can I have a cake?
  Yes.  We will allow you to enter the event with a cake but do not allow any other food.  For birthday cake inquiries, please e-mail 

5.  Can I take my dog to the event?
No.  Animals are prohibited on the premises for this event. 

6.  I am a blogger and would like to cover your event.  Can I receive two (2) passes for me and my friend?
Please go to the Media page and send in your request.  Every inquiry will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

 7.  Can I cover your event in exchange for four (4) VIP tickets and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot?
No.  We do not exchange tickets or champagne for blog coverage.  For more information or media passes, please refer to the
Media Page.

8.  I am a photographer and would like to cover your event.  May I cover the event?
Yes.  Please e-mail us at or request a Media Pass in the Media Page.

9.  Who are the Fashion Designers participating in the event?
Luigi Gherardi – Italian Fashion Designer and Courtier.  He is the Founder and Head of Design of Gherardi; a Miami/New York City based menswear brand. 

Michelle Meler –  creator of the Pret-A-Faire Collection. An experience for women who wish to be part of the creation and evolution of a one-of-a-kind Haute-Couture piece for them to wear at a special occasion. 

Gabriela Medina – Born originally in Mexico, she specializes in High Fashion editorials, personal styling and image designing.  She will be launching her first collection at the Champagne Fun Festival on September 16, 2017.

10.  We are wholesale distributors.  Can we participate in the event as a restaurant?
No.  Only twenty (20) invited restaurants will be participating.  Restaurants have been highly vetted for before being invited to participate.  Please refer to Sponsorship Participation for other ways to participate in the event. 

11.  We are a restaurant in Miami-Dade County.  Can we participate?
Yes.  Some restaurants from Miami will be participating.  Please send us an e-mail with the name of the restaurant to 

 12.  I would like to participate in the event as a volunteer.  What is the process?
We appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time for a great cause at the Champagne Fun Festival.  Please send your volunteer request to our Chief of Staff, Luis Hernandez via e-mail at